Indian Restaurant in Almere Haven

Holi Almere is your go-to place in Almere Haven for the best Indian curries and more. We started our journey with a vision to introduce the vibrant essence of Indian flavours in the Netherlands. After our successful journey with Holi Amsterdam, we are here with our next branch Holi Almere. Afterall, our guests deserve the best of Indian cuisine at Almere Haven! Our menu is a canvas of culinary artistry, painted with the finest curries from India. Each dish narrates a story, a tribute to the rich tapestry of our culinary heritage. Passion and authenticity infuse every creation, as our skilled chefs, with over two decades of expertise, weave tales through flavours that linger on your palate. Beyond serving food, we craft memories. Join us on a gastronomic expedition, where every bite whispers tales of India's culinary traditions. At Holi Almere, we invite you to create cosy memories that transform your visit into a timeless experience in the heart of Almere Haven.

Why is Holi Almere a Must-Visit?

Authentic Indian Flavours Unfold the essence of Indian cuisine with dishes prepared from traditional recipes, capturing the soulful flavours.
Vast Indian Menu Our chefs showcase their mastery with a diverse range of traditional North and South Indian dishes, ensuring a delightful experience for every taste in Almere Haven.


Outdoor Terrace Seating Delight in al fresco dining on our terrace for 56+ guests, adding a touch of warmth and intimacy to your culinary journey in Almere Haven.
Fine Dining Experience Immerse yourself in sophistication with our thoughtfully designed restaurant, offering comfortable seating for locals and expats alike.
Takeaway and Delivery Experience the essence of Holi wherever you are in Almere Haven with our convenient takeaway and delivery services, bringing the magic of our culinary creations to your doorstep.

Our Story

The story of why we started in the first place is simple, the love for Indian cuisine and a dream to create a place for food enthusiasts in Amsterdam. We embarked on a journey inspired by the passion for authentic Indian curries, crafting a menu that paints the rich colours of India onto the Dutch capital! Our guests loved the food at Holi Amsterdam, and with a huge positive response, we were eager to take it to Almere Haven. This dream is now Holi Almere, a popular destination for the finest Indian culinary experience in Almere Haven. We have become synonymous with exquisite Indian cuisine, and a favourite among locals, flavour enthusiasts from every corner of Almere. Today, Holi Almere proudly stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication, sharing the enchantment of Indian cuisine with the community right here in the heart of Almere Haven. Join us in this flavorful adventure, where every dish tells a tale of passion, authenticity, and the vibrant spirit of India.

Our Atmosphere

At Holi Almere in Almere Haven, modernity meets tradition for a dining venture like no other. We have meticulously crafted an atmosphere that welcomes all—from families to couples—in a setting that seamlessly reflects chic aesthetics with inviting warmth. Our interior, a celebration of contemporary design, creates a serene backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience. Drawing inspiration from India's rich heritage, we infuse a modern twist into our ambiance. With a capacity for over 75 guests, our restaurant welcomes you to share special moments with your loved ones. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails at our elegant modern bar, relish authentic Indian curries and tandoori delights in the comfort of indoor seating, or make memories in the delightful ambiance of our terrace.


Meet Our Culinary Team- The Magic Behind Our Food

What makes Holi Almere the gem of Almere Haven? Meet our culinary maestros – the heartbeat of our kitchen, the architects of your dining delight. Led by our skilled chefs, each member is a passionate player in crafting the authentic Indian dishes that set us apart. From the expert hands of our chefs to the warm smiles of our front staff, every member is dedicated to curating a remarkable experience for our guests in Almere Haven. Together, we want to make every visit to Holi Almere a beautiful experience of Indian cuisine and culture.

Pick up order

Craving a quick and tasty Indian meal near central Almere Haven? Look no further! We are just 2 minutes away from Almere Beach! Visit us for fast pickup service, we bring the delicious world of Indian cuisine right to you. Just hop onto our website, check out the menu, pick your favourites, and we'll get your order ready for an easy and quick pickup.

Home delivery

Delight in the vibrant flavours of India without leaving your place. Our restaurant, conveniently placed in central Almere Haven, ensures the best of Indian cuisine arrives at your doorstep. Authentic Indian delights are on the way! Fulfil your cravings with our delectable offerings, just a click or call away.


Frquently Asked Questions

Holi Almere stands out as the epitome of the best Indian restaurant in Almere Haven, skillfully blending traditional authenticity with a contemporary twist. Our diverse menu, catering to various tastes, promises a culinary odyssey through the vibrant flavours of India. From time-honoured classics to innovative creations, we take pride in being the ultimate choice for those seeking an authentic and modern Indian dining experience. Holi Almere is also a popular top Indian restaurant in Almere, visited by many food lovers in the area. It's a haven where every dish is a testament to our culinary expertise, creating a dining experience that captures the heart of Almere Haven.

Yes! Holi Almere isn't just a good Indian restaurant in Almere, it's a budget-friendly option in Almere. Our commitment to providing quality at affordable prices makes us the ideal choice for those seeking a good and economical Indian restaurant experience in Almere. At Holi Almere, we believe that great food should be accessible to everyone, ensuring you can enjoy a delightful Indian meal without breaking the bank. Indulge in our flavourful offerings without worrying about your budget, making Holi Almere the perfect destination for those seeking both taste and affordability in Almere.

Holi Almere proudly holds the title of a top tandoori restaurant in Almere, distinguished by our mastery in crafting delicious Indian tandoori dishes. Our menu offers a wide array of tandoori delights, each carefully prepared to perfection by our skilled chefs. From the aromatic tandoori chicken to the flavourful tandoori naan, we bring the authentic taste of the tandoor to every table, strengthening our reputation as the go-to Indian restaurant in Almere Haven. Choose us for your celebration of tandoori excellence at Holi Almere, where each bite is an invitation to experience the true essence of Indian cuisine.

Absolutely! Holi Almere takes the crown as the top Indian restaurant, offering an ideal setting for a romantic dinner. Our warm ambience and terrace seating, complemented by a cosy atmosphere and a meticulously curated Indian menu, sets the stage for a memorable evening. As the top choice for couples, Holi Almere seamlessly blends romantic vibes with top-notch Indian cuisine, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner in Almere. We are waiting for you to join us at our restaurant. Join us at Holi Almere, where we prepare not just dishes but also beautiful moments for you and your special someone, ensuring an unforgettable experience under the stars.

Your search is over with Holi Almere, your go-to destination for a cheap Indian restaurant in Almere. Being a pocket-friendly restaurant, we are also a flavour-packed Indian restaurant in Almere. We take pride in offering budget-friendly options without sacrificing the rich, authentic flavours that define Indian cuisine. At Holi Almere, you can enjoy a delightful culinary experience without much stress in your pocket, making us the economical yet flavourful Indian restaurant in Almere you have been searching for. Visit us for a taste adventure that aligns with your budget without compromising the Indian authenticity and deliciousness you crave, ensuring a satisfying and affordable dining experience.